AAM Geo Spatial Tech Private Limited

AAMGST was established in early 2008. It is laden with a good wealth of Management talent and experience in its Executive Management. A committed Management team anchors the Organization effectively to its goal of providing high quality to its clients.

AAMGST believes in being successful only by ranking our esteemed clients successful. Also we believe in long term relation, therefore we associate with our clients as technical partner instead of a service provider/vendor. Hence AAMGST is highly Client centric Organization, in terms of quality, flexible in dealing with Large and Small Projects, and committed for timely delivery, our prices are relatively competitive and we are very much flexible to fit into our client’s budget price.

AAMGST is capable of doing Aerial Triangulation of both Aerial and Satellite imageries by using Automatic tie point extraction and manual measurement of Ground Control Points and additional tie points to produce accurate and reliable AT results.

AAMGST personnel are well acquitted with the mapping standards (ASPRS, NMAS, and NSSDA). Our dedicated team has been involved in delivering the client’s expected quality with on time delivery.

AAMGST is capable of producing wide array of high resolution Digital Terrain models. Our strong technical team can able to produce accurate data with cost-efficient methods.

AAMGST has delivered orthophotos from aerial frames(300W) and 1.5 million Sqkm from satellite data. Orthophotos with high accuracy and radiornetrically enhanced from different sensors (aerial frame, digital camera, ADS40 and satellite) with various GSDs (0.08,0.1,0.25,0.5 and 1.Ometers)

AAMGST has strong comprehensive hold on LiDAR processing of Airborne, Terrestral and Mobile data. LiDAR data has been classified and vectorized from
various Scanners(Leica, RIEGLand Optech) for different applications.

AAMGST provide comprehensive spatial
engineering solutions with experienced GIS
Engineers. We are specialized in understanding our client’s requirements for providing better solutions on time. AAMGST has been providing the services
for land use planning, airport service area analysis,site selection, and airspace obstruction analysis.

Why Choose AAMGST?

We specialize in high quality aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping, LiDAR products and services for the US region.

We have invested in innovative data capture technology to ensure our products are best-in-class. Our experienced team are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, from your initial point of contact through to the delivery of data and beyond.

We have over 16 years of experience working closely with clients to tailor custom solutions.

Our Highly Experienced, Passionate Team

Our team is at the heart of everything we do and they are committed to delivering the highest quality products. We value our team and make sure working at AAMGST is rewarding. Find out more about working with us.