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Orthophotos are Aerial photographs or Satellite imagery which are free from tilt and camera distortions and also free from relief distortions. Direct precise measurement can be made from Orthophoto maps because they have uniform scale. We have experience team of people to produce orthophotos for global markets. Orthophotos are being used in many private companies because of their interpretability and more information.

We have produced Orthophotos from difference sensors (aerial frame, digital camera, ADS40 and satellite) with various GSDs like 0.08, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 meters. Orthophos also been generated from images of multiband (4 and 5). We have been adopting the best practices in production and in quality checking of orthophotos. Following are the few project samples.

Orthophoto - High res. Multi band

Project volume : 9027.56 ha
Camera/Sensor : DMC_0129; RGB+IR, 12bit
GSD : 8cm

Project Description

  1. The provided Digital aerial images have been triangulated by using provided ground control points. Inpho software has been used for triangulation of images.
  2. DTM features have been compiled as per the specifications.
  3. Orthophotos were generated using inpho’s software in orthomaster module.
  4. Uniform tone and their positional errors have been fixed in production.
  5. Positional and Radiometric accuracies have been verified in quality check.
  6. Final ortho tiles have been produced as per the client provided tile index.
Orthophoto - Airport Area

Project volume : 37629.0 ha
Sensor : Aerial Frame images, RGB
GSD : 0.1m

Project Description

  1. Project setup has been done with the provided aerial frame images.
  2. Ground controls have been verified in stereo for quality confirmation of block file.
  3. DTM has been generated by using the restituted terrain features.
  4. Orthophoto has been generated and produced with standard practices.
Orthophoto - Coastal Corridor

Project volume : 1376 Images of 12 microns
Sensor : Digital aerial Images (DMC)
GSD : 0.15m

Project Description

  1. It is a coastal corridor mapping.
  2. Aerial Images from DMC camera have been triangulated by using client provided ground control points.
  3. Images have been orthorectified using LiDAR generated DEM and orthophotos were corrected geometrically and radiometric ally.
  4. Orthophoto mosaic tiles have been generated as per the client provided index.
Orthophoto - Urban Area

Project volume : 23200 ha
Sensor : RGB and CIR (two sets)
GSD : 0. 25m

Project Description

Ortho tiles CIR and RGB

  1. DTM was compiled for whole project area and then orthorectification was done for 4 band images at 0.25m GSD.
  2. Final output was delivered in two sets of orthophoto mosaics RGB and Color Infrared (CIR) using the compiled DTM.
  3. Final CIR Orthophoto tiles were cut into final tiles as per ortho tile index.
Orthophoto - Rural Area

Project volume : 7530 images
Sensor : DMC
GSD : 0.5m and 0.25m

Project Description

  1. Project setup has been done using Exterior parameters and DMC images.
  2. Orthophotos have been generated using restituted terrain elements as DEM.
  3. Orthophotos have been corrected geometrically and radiometrically.
  4. Final orthophotos have been delivered as one mosaic for one airport area and remaining are of the project has been delivered as per ortho tile index.
Georeferenceing and orthorectification of Rapid Eye Images

Project volume : 12 Different ROIs (villages)
Sensor : Rapid Eye
GSD : 5m

Project Description

  1. Rapid eye images (5 bands) in NTF format have been combined as single image of NTF format using Erdas.
  2. Five bands Rapid Eye image has been georeferenced by using ground control points.
  3. Rapid eye images were orthorectified.
  4. Residuals and of ground control points have been verified.
  5. Positional accuracy of the ortho rectifed image has also been verified by overlaying the client provided vector data.
  6. Final Image has been enhanced radio metrically using eras software and histogram also been observed.
  7. Final data has been delivered in two set one RGB and other is five band images as per the AOI.