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AAMGST has been invincible in providing high quality geospatial solutions with latest technologies at unmatched reliability and client satisfaction across the globe. Since its inception, we have been instrumental in spearheading the company from a single client to multiple (from Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and the USA). We have been successful in providing our clients with effective services. An ability to always look beyond has contributed to the firm’s ability to grow despite a challenging economy – a fact that allows our clients to be comfortable in working with our talented professionals and a stable Organisation. This commitment has constantly fuelled the journey, encouraging us to think differently, work with passion and make things happen.


Instilled with deep rooted values, we endeavour the passion to work and commit ourselves relentlessly to scale the heights of excellence in all pursuits.

In the journey towards excellence we are highly privileged to have maintained the balance between work and off work which boosts the efficiency of our services close to perfection.

We preserve great respect and responsibility towards our customers in marketplace and strive for clear connection with them.

We pursue tremendous potential for technical innovations henceforth aspire for new markets to increase value for our customers and in accepting challenging opportunities for our company.

Founded by tech-savvy individual, AAMGST has always been updated with the technological progress in respective fields and embraces appropriate technology to provide its best services.

We choose an innovative approach in manufacturing, infrastructure and in delivering the services and providing support.


The members of AAMGST were previously heading Production, Operations and Business Development core contingent at the global market. Building on an extensive heritage of experience, knowledge and client management for the Photogrammetry/LIDAR imaging industry, the founder now embark on a new, boundary expanding own venture.

AAMGST has been providing the services to following fileds.

Agriculture, Business/Marketing, Cadastral, Cartography, Defense, Internal Security, Electric, Emergency, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Planning, Forestry, Land Use, Gas, Oil, Mineral Exploration, Oceanography, Meteorology, Photogrammetry, Survey, Pipeline, R&D, Educational, Telecommunications, Transportation, Water Resources, etc.